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Melitta Coffee Machine: Top 10 Models for Ultimate Brewing

To the people who enjoy coffee, Melitta coffee machine can be best described as a giant in the industry capable of delivering the best brewing experiences. Melitta has been in business for over a century and is dedicated to crafting the perfect cup of coffee; they have many kinds of machines which are available in the market.

For all the gourmet coffee lovers out there, who are in search of a great coffee machine that suits their lifestyle, don’t look any further than these ten options of the Melitta coffee machine. It is time to meet true brewing buddies that will make your usual morning coffee routine even more delightful.

1 Melitta Coffee Machine: AromaFresh Grind & Brew

AromaFresh Grind & Brew
AromaFresh Grind & Brew

About This Item:

  • Colour Name: Black/Stainless Steel.
  • Style Name: AromaFresh Grind and Brew.
  • Pattern Name: Drip Coffee Maker with Grinder.
  • Brand: Melitta
  • Product dimensions: 51D x 32W x 32H centimetres
  • Special feature: Programmable
  • Coffee maker type: Percolator

This is one of the best coffee makers for lovers of the fresh aroma of coffee and taste, or for all those who consider themselves real coffee lovers. Here is a modern appliance that is both a grinder and a brewer all in one; it guarantees the full experience of the freshly ground beans.

The grinder adjusted from fine to coarse, and the strength selector has 5 settings to get your preferred mild to strong brew.

Coffee lovers can also set the timer through this appliance so that the coffee is ready as soon as they wake up. It is particularly suitable for people who like to watch glistening grinder plates and feel the fragrant peas.

2 Melitta Coffee Machine: Barista TS Smart

Melitta Barista
Melitta Barista TS Smart

About This Item:

  • Colours: Black, Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Melitta.
  • Capacity: 1.8 litres
  • Product dimensions: 25.9D x 46.7W x 37.2H centimetres.
  • Special feature: Integrated Coffee Grinder, Removable Tank.
  • Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine.

This is Melitta coffee machines Bean-to-Cup flagship model ready is welcoming you to the professional barista world on your counter top. This innovative and hi-fi machine lets you enjoy café style beverages right from your home with a whole range of options available.

The smart touchscreen allows you to make program settings and create and save up to the six users recipes. All drinks such as the milk frothy Lattes and cappuccinos are prepared with a lot of ease while through the integrated cleaning and another program for descaling, making the process of cleaning easy. It is the one to go for by those who are looking to get professional like touch for their coffee.

3 Melitta Coffee Machine: Purista Series

Melitta Coffee Machine: Purista Series
Melitta Purista Series

About This Item:

  • Colours: Black, Silver
  • Brand: Melitta.
  • Capacity: 1 litres
  • Product dimensions: 20D x 45.5W x 32.5H centimetres.
  • Special feature: Programmable.
  • Coffee maker type: Espresso Machine.

A fresh and exquisite Melitta coffee machine Purista series will let you explore joy of making coffee with the help of its greatest tool – hand. These are smooth, small operas that give you the direct manual wheel espresso, allowing you to have full control as you brew the coffee.

The seventeen hundred Watts powerful conical burr grinder grinds beans from their own masterfully selected roast to a fifteen bar pump espresso machine delivers authentic Italian espresso with its thick, creamy layer on top, and the steam wand provides you an opportunity to prepare lattes and other milk-based creations with distinguishable arts.

This is the best innovation to make your kitchen look special, you can select any color of your desire. For instances, the Purista series is ideal for those that love and only drink pure coffee and are willing to go the extra mile in a show of elaborate maneuver termed as the art of manual brewing.

4 Melitta Coffee Machine: Easy Top Therm

Melitta Easy Top Therm
Melitta Easy Top Therm

About This Item:

  • Colours: Black, Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Melitta.
  • Capacity: 1 litres
  • Product dimensions: 17.3D x 23.8W x 35H centimetres.
  • Special feature: Jug, Thermal.
  • Coffee maker type: Drip Coffee Machine.

That is the basic concept in the Easy Top Therm series of models. This compact and convenient coffee maker, which offers a 1. 7L insulated water tank, meaning that you won’t have to refill after brewing several cups of your favourite beverage.

Fully programmable functions allow you to easily control your brew strength and the size of your cup, in addition, the possibility is offered by the tray with automatic shutdown. Easy Top Therm Cappuccino Machine built-in heater is dependable and energy-saving; the perfect choice for everyone who needs to grab a tasty cup of coffee in between busy schedules.

5 Melitta Coffee Machine: Enjoy Top Series

Consequently, the Enjoy Top series does what no other has ever done: provide unprecedented value and comfortable control. This machine presents selection sizes cups and insulated water tank in order to use minimal energy in heating the water and giving the right taste for any time of the day.

The likewise detachable water tank with a carrying handle and also a swing-out and straightforward to clean filter make services simple. Thus, the Enjoy Top Series concise structure makes it suitable for small kitchens or office spaces but retains the Melitta brand’s quality.

6 Melitta CI Touch Series

People like to have an option of varying food, investment, or style, and this is what CI Touch Series presents. These cool, fully automatic monsters have a simple control on the panel of buttons and they serve a vast array of exotic concoctions at the tip of a finger.

It is versatile and has height adjustable spouts that are able to accommodate different cups, and it has a milk steaming system that produces perfect milk froth. For the convenience, the memory function stores all the favorite recipes while auto programs for cleaning make it easy to clean cookers. CI Touch series are ideal for families or organizations with different tastes because it is readily available in different flavours.

7 Melitta Look Timer

Look Timer is one of the most stylish and refined stoppable timers that combines classic design and accurate brewing methods. This elegant designed machine has a classic look that effectively creates a jazzy feel in the kitchen.

The programmability means that the coffee can be brewed ready for you to wake up to, strongly encouraged by the aroma rising from freshly brewed coffee while the insulated water tank ensures that water is warm enough for use in the most efficient way. The Look Timer series is style in motion in that it accommodates the nice-looking angles of having a delightful coffee.

8 Melitta Solo Perfect Brew

If there was ever a coffee maker built form the heavens for the single coco loving individual, then Solo perfect brew is just that. It is also the perfect size, making it a single-serve coffee machine that is always reliable in producing a good cup of coffee.

You can brew in three different cup sizes and there is the Melitta’s “Perfect Brew” system to guarantee the right extraction and taste for your coffee. The ingredients of the Solo Perfect Brew are a perfect choice for people aiming for a tasty coffee that does not require preparation or preparation of extra equipments.

9 Melitta Caffeo Barista TS

The Caffeo Barista TS is the perfect machine for users to increase the level of espresso-based beverages they offer. The Lattisima Plus is a very high end bean-to-cup machine that provides a wide selection of specialty beverages including espresso standards and drink blends.

Convenience store control can be fixed on the unique touch screen where consumers can set and memorize the favorite recipes. It also has an integrated milk system, and if you really want to top it off, there’s a milk frother that really helps in the creation of artistic latte designs as well as allowing for variation in flavor. Caffeo Barista TS is the best model for people who want to have many coffee choices and bring the coffee presentation that only a restaurant can offer.

10 Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Thermal Pot

For those still holding on to their tradition of the drip coffee, there is the Melitta Filter Coffee Machine to handle your needs. This machine however brews straight into a thermal carafe so you can have your coffee warm for many hours. This enables one to do away with the commonly used heating plate thus consuming less energy and brings out the aroma in the coffee.

A major advantage for this brewing system is that it has a small unit volume, for easy serving there is a spout that allows easy momentum of the beer. This model is good for those individuals who love coffee and would wish to have their coffee prepared with ease without many complications.


Selecting any Melitta coffee machine is not just buying a product – it is indeed an investment in both the past and the future of coffee enjoyment. As mentioned no matter whether one is a normal consumer or a professional who drinks coffee then Melitta has a particular model that will appeal to anyone. Melitta coffee machines glide through the creative technique and specificity; the main foundation of success is in their degree of tenacity and quality.

You are about to start your journey in discovering the art of coffee making, let Melitta be your coffee companion and enlighten you on the path to achieving the best cup of coffee. Happy brewing!

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