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Dualit Coffee Machine: A Comprehensive Review 2024

The Dualit Coffee Machine, as described by Good Food magazine, is a top-grade pick. It delivers delicious coffee quickly. Plus, it’s compact, saving lots of space. This machine holds 1.2 litres of water, includes a milk frother, and supports ground coffee and ESE pods. You get to choose how you make your coffee.

This coffee maker lets you be in full charge of your coffee’s taste. With manual dosing, the brewing of your coffee is precise. It warms up in just 90 seconds. Using easy dials, you can switch between making coffee and steaming milk.

Need a pick-me-up in the morning? No worries. This machine can make a single or double espresso with the push of a dial. It’s also ready to froth milk for two lattes straight away. You won’t have to wait too long for it to be ready for your next brew.

Introduction to Dualit Coffee Machines

Dualit, a top British brand, makes precision coffee machines since 1945. Known for retro-inspired design and top-notch coffee, it’s loved by UK coffee enthusiasts. Their coffee machines promise café-quality coffee, meeting the UK’s love for specialty coffee.

Overview of the British Coffee Machine Brand

As a leading British coffee machine brand, Dualit focuses on top quality and innovation. It has won over coffee enthusiasts for its performance and design.

Popularity of Coffee Culture in the UK

The British Coffee Association shows coffee outpacing tea in the UK. Brits drink 98 million cups daily. The premium, barista-style coffee trend is booming.

Now, Britons spend £3.25 on takeaway coffee. This has increased the quest for specialty coffee appliances. People want a cafe vibe at home.

Popular Dualit Coffee Machines In 2024

Dualit has a variety of espresso machines. They are known for making great espresso shots. You can also use them to make other drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. These machines are compact and easy to use. They work with both ground coffee and ESE pods. This gives you more options and makes brewing coffee simple.

Espresso Machines

Espresso Machines
Espresso Machines

Dualit’s espresso machines are top tier. They shine in making high-quality espresso consistently. They have a milk frother built-in. Plus, they can use ground coffee or ESE pods. This means you can customise your coffee or keep it simple, all in one machine.

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Bean-to-Cup Machines
Bean-to-Cup Machines

If you like less work, Dualit has bean-to-cup coffee machines too. These machines do everything from grinding to brewing with just one press. You get coffee-shop quality coffee without much effort. They’re perfect for those who want great coffee but don’t want to spend time making it.

Pod Machine

Pod Machine
Pod Machine

Dualit makes pod coffee machines as well. These machines use coffee pods for quick and easy brewing. The pod machines are clean and simple to use. They’re ideal for people who value fast prep time and ease over extra coffee options.

Key Features of Dualit Coffee Machines

Dualit coffee machines are compact and fit well in small kitchens. They are great for tight spaces. This makes them perfect for people who want to save space but still enjoy good coffee.

Compact Design and Small Footprint

Their coffee machines are specially made to save space. They measure 20.7(W) x 28.4(D) x 33(H) cm and weigh 5.6kg. This design makes it easy to have a quality coffee maker even in small kitchens.

User-Friendly Controls

Using Dualit coffee machines is easy. They come with simple controls beginners will love. There are dials and water level indicators for better coffee making. This means you get a good cup of coffee every time.

Compatibility with Ground Coffee and ESE Pods

The machines can make coffee from ground coffee or ESE pods. You get to choose how you make your coffee. This lets coffee lovers try new flavours or stick to the convenience of pods.

Dualit machines are great for anyone who loves coffee. They work with both traditional coffee making and modern pods. Whether making coffee is a hobby or you just love the end result, Dualit has you covered.

Dualit Coffee Machine: A Comprehensive Review 2024.

The Dualit coffee machine is a top pick for British coffee lovers. It’s loved for great brewing, a sleek look, and top-notch quality. This detailed review covers its main features, how well it brews, and its value. It uses insights from experts and regular users to give a fair view.

The machine runs on Thermobloc Heating Technology and boasts a 15 Bar Pump Pressure. These make sure you always get a perfect espresso, with a smooth ‘crema’. It heats up in just 40 seconds. This means you get your coffee quickly, even if you’re in a rush.

It can hold a large 1.5L of water, perfect for making coffee for a few people. Despite this, it’s still compact and light. Its small size and weight make it fit well in various kitchens, especially smaller ones.

The machine’s special Pure Pour® means coffee pours like a pro. It works with several types of coffee, such as ESE Pods and Ground Coffee. Plus, buying one comes with a year-long warranty. This protects your purchase, reassuring you.

If you order by 2pm on a week day, you can get the machine shipped to you on the same day. The machine is made from strong stainless steel and aluminium, so it lasts. This durability, along with its premium feel, shows it’s meant for long-term use.

The Dualit coffee machine is perfect for anyone who loves coffee. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started, its quality brewing, smart design, and reliability stand out. It’s really a top choice in the British market for specialty coffee machines.

Brewing Performance and Coffee Quality

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine is well-known for its superb espresso shots. It always serves up a rich, silky, and perfectly balanced taste. With its manual dosing option, you can control the coffee extraction precisely. This means every shot comes with a beautiful, caramel crema – a sign of a great espresso.

Milk Frothing and Steaming Capabilities

Besides making top-notch espresso, the Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine boasts a built-in milk frother. It’s perfect for whipping up smooth, velvety microfoam. This is ideal for cappuccinos and lattes. Its steam wand can be adjusted, letting you tailor the froth’s thickness and density to your liking.

Design and Aesthetics

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine has a retro-inspired design that honours its tradition. It looks sleek, compact, and stylish, fitting well with many kitchen styles. Its brushed metal look and vintage parts make it a premium item on any countertop. It attracts those who appreciate style and quality in their kitchen gadgets.

Retro-Inspired Styling

Dualit gives its Espresso Coffee Machine in matte colours like black, red, and cream. Customers can pick one that matches their taste and kitchen. This wide choice of colours helps blend the Dualit machine well with any kitchen. It adds to its attractiveness as a trendy, adaptable coffee maker.

Colour Options

Dualit aims to make top-notch, British coffee machines that are both functional and beautiful. The Espresso Coffee Machine mixes old-style looks with various colour options. This makes it a favourite for those who seek elegance and efficiency in their kitchen gear.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine has straightforward controls. They are easy for anyone to understand. This is great for those starting to brew coffee at home. The machine lets you switch between making coffee and frothing milk with no trouble. It also has a clear display for the water level. This makes sure the machine works well every time you use it.

Dualit coffee machines are made to be easy to clean. Parts like the water tank and drip tray can be removed and cleaned without any hassle. Plus, there’s a special system for descaling. This keeps your machine running perfectly, giving you delicious coffee always.

Value for Money

Dualit makes its mark by being competitively priced in the premium coffee market. Their Espresso Coffee Machine usually costs between £120 and £130. Despite being pricier than basic models, it’s built to last, offers great brewing performance, and many features. This makes it a wise choice for anyone serious about their coffee.

Price Range

Coffee pod machines we looked at ranged in price from £35 to £649.95. Some highlights include the Lavazza Jolie for £47.50, the Nespresso Vertuo Pop for £99, and the Opal One for £125. Also, the Nespresso Vertuo Creatista by Sage costs £649.95, and the Dualit Espress-auto 4-in-1 is priced at £199.99.

Cost of Ownership

After you buy a Dualit coffee machine, it’s pretty cheap to keep up. This is great news, especially when you think about how much you might spend on daily takeaways. Being able to use both ground coffee and ESE pods gives users options. This way, they can save money without giving up on taste or convenience. For instance, brewing a double espresso each day costs only 2.2p to 2.5p per month.

Dualit Coffee Accessories

Dualit has a set of coffee grinders that fit perfectly with its dualit coffee machine. They help users get the best grind size for their coffee. These grinders look retro and let you grind your beans fresh, making your coffee taste and smell better.

Coffee Grinders

To go with its british coffee machines, Dualit sells milk jugs and frothing pitchers. They work well with the machines’ steam wands. These tools are great for making creamy drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. They make the whole coffee-making process more enjoyable.

Milk Jugs and Frothing Pitchers

Dualit’s high-quality premium coffee brewers and specialty coffee appliances fit perfectly with lots of extras. This includes their dualit cappuccino machine and commercial coffee equipment. They let you personalise your coffee experience and make things easy.

Comparison with Other Coffee Machine Brands

Sage competes well in the high-end coffee machine market. They offer sophisticated models that coffee fans love. And while Sage’s machines have advanced options and automation, Dualit shines with easy controls, a small footprint, and amazing value. This makes Dualit a great pick for anyone wanting quality in their coffee maker.


Smeg stands out as a premium coffee maker, alongside Dualit. Both brands feature eye-catching designs and top-notch build quality. Yet, Dualit manages to be budget-friendly while providing great brewing and handy features. It’s a top choice for those who seek quality and a good deal.


Nespresso leads in the pod coffee machine realm with its ease of use. Its machines are fast and straightforward. On the other hand, Dualit gives more freedom, letting you use ground coffee and ESE pods. This flexibility, along with Dualit’s focus on quality and performance, offers a unique option. It’s for those preferring pod brewing, yet not willing to give up their espresso machine customization.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine gets lots of good feedback. Customers love how easy it is to use and its reliable performance. They also praise its ability to make top-notch coffee drinks. The machine’s controls are simple to understand. Its small size and the fact it can use both ground coffee and ESE pods make it a hit with home baristas and coffee lovers.

“The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine is a real winner!” said one customer. They added that it’s super quick to heat up and can make plenty of coffee for guests. Another buyer highlighted the machine’s customisable features. They were impressed they could adjust the grind size and coffee strength for the best brew every time.

The machine’s retro look is also a big hit, according to many. One person said, “It looks amazing in my kitchen and suits my British-themed decor perfectly.” Another customer sees it as both beautiful and useful. They often get compliments from visitors on the machine’s design and performance.

Overall, Dualit customers are very happy. They say the brand offers top-notch british coffee machines and premium coffee brewers. These products are meeting the UK’s increasing love for special coffee.

Where to Buy Dualit Coffee Machines

You can buy Dualit coffee machines from many places online. This includes the Dualit website and big stores like John Lewis.You’ll find a wide choice of colours and extra bits online. All this from your sofa at home.

Online Retailers

But wait, there’s more! Dualit’s coffee makers are also in shops.This lets you check them out up close. It’s handy to see and feel them first.

This is great if you want to make sure it’s right for you. You don’t have to guess from a picture online.

Physical Stores

You’ll spot Dualit coffee makers in shops too.This gives a better idea of what Dualit is all about. And you can compare models easily.

Specialty shops are the best for really checking them out. It’s fun to see them all in one place.

Dualit Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Common Issues and Solutions

Dualit coffee machines are known for being reliable and tough. However, like all machines, they might face some issues. These include trouble heating up, problems with the steam wand, or coffee brewing not right.

The Dualit website and their support team are here to help. They offer many tips and guides. This helps users fix their dualit coffee machine and keep it running smooth. For instance, there are suggestions for fixing flow problems in the Dualit Espressivo machine. They also recommend using certain baskets to make better espresso.

They also stress the importance of fresh coffee and its effect on espresso. Users talk about different grinders and how they impact coffee quality. There are tips for making coffee hotter from the Dualit machine. This shows how much the brand cares about helping users with their specialty coffee appliances and commercial coffee equipment.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Dualit focuses on making british coffee machines that save energy. This reduces their impact on the environment. Their machines are designed to use energy wisely while brewing and heating. This cuts down the carbon they create. So, if you care about our planet, Dualit is a top choice for specialty coffee appliances.

They also care about waste and recycling, especially for coffee machine accessories. Dualit helps its customers know how to recycle used coffee grounds, ESE pods, and parts. This lessens the impact of their premium coffee brewers over time.

Energy Efficiency

Dualit makes its commercial coffee equipment to use less energy. Their machines are good at brewing and heating with less power. This helps lower the carbon they put out. It meets the demand for eco-friendlier appliances.

Recycling and Waste Management

Dualit knows the deal with managing waste and recycling, especially for coffee stuff. They show people how to properly get rid of used coffee and parts. This dials down how much their dualit brand products harm the planet over time.


The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine is not just any appliance. It’s a top-tier choice for coffee lovers who also value style. Its mix of sleek design and features, like using both ground coffee and ESE pods, set it apart. This makes it ideal for anyone wanting a great cup at home. Dualit, known for quality and care for the environment, stands out in the UK’s high-end coffee market.

This coffee maker keeps impressing. It consistently brews tasty espresso shots. And thanks to its steam wand, you can make professional microfoam at home. Its look, inspired by the past, fits into many kitchen styles. Plus, it comes in different colours to match your home perfectly.

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine is a great choice for those who enjoy a cup of joe at any time. It combines top performance, easy use, and various features, making it a standout. For anyone passionate about quality coffee or looking to upgrade their home café, this machine is a must.

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What are the key features of the Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine?

The Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine boasts a 1.2L water tank and a milk frother. It can use both ground coffee and ESE pods. This model heats up quickly in just 90 seconds. It also features easy dial controls, making coffee brewing simple.

What is the Dualit brand known for?

Dualit, a British coffee machine maker, crafts high-quality appliances. Since its start in 1945, it’s been a top pick in the UK. The brand’s retro design and great performance win over coffee lovers.

What types of coffee machines does Dualit offer?

They offer espresso machines, bean-to-cup models, and pod coffee makers. Dualit’s goal is to let users enjoy quality coffee at home. This caters to the UK’s love for coffee and its culture.

How does the Dualit Espresso Coffee Machine compare to other premium coffee machine brands?

Compared to Sage and Smeg, Dualit has simpler settings but still performs well. They’re easy to use, compact, and good value for money. This makes Dualit appealing for those looking for top-notch brewing.

Where can I purchase a Dualit coffee machine?

You can find Dualit machines on their website and in major stores like John Lewis. They’re also sold in physical shops, letting customers check them out in person. This makes buying easier and more reassuring.

How energy-efficient and environmentally friendly are Dualit coffee machines?

Dualit focuses on making energy-saving machines. This effort helps lessen their environmental impact. They also guide on how to properly get rid of used coffee grounds and pods. This shows their care for the planet.

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